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What's It All About?

What’s it all about? There is a web of themes that will weave through this blog: Financial Independence, Personal Finance and Real Estate Investing, Building Habits, “Optimalism”, Positive Parenting. Diverse, yes, but all linked together, radiating out of my family’s Goal for our Future.
The Goal: Build enough passive income to become financially independent within three years. It is a big Goal, with a short timeline. Why the urgency, you might ask? Well, why not?

Setting a big, difficult goal is more motivating than setting a small, easy-to-achieve goal. Set a “10X Goal”, get excited enough and uncomfortable enough to push past perceived limitations. The risks are greater, but so are the rewards. Don’t get me wrong: the Goal hasn’t just appeared, fully formed, out of thin air, the work of a moment. It has been building up, growing in intensity and urgency over the course of a decade (at least, if not more).

The Goal has emerged from years and years of wishing: wishing things were dif…

Happy New Year 2019: Optimalism

Happy 2019! Welcome to my fresh, new blog: Journey Santosha. This is home for my writing, and a place to document the journey of my life, my family life, my family’s vision for our future, and topics that are closest to my heart and personal development. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in the journey.

Happy New Year! There is something about the end of the calendar year that sparks optimism in me: a new year, a new opportunity for a fresh start. I used to make resolutions, but they fizzled pretty quickly. I’d make them in my head, never wrote anything down, and just forgot about them as I went about my days.

Then, a few years ago, G started a new New Year’s tradition: rather than making resolutions that we would break after only a few weeks, we choose a theme for the upcoming year. The theme is one word, or a short phrase: something to keep in our minds daily. By choosing a theme, we choose a direction to focus our energy and our direction for self-development. The theme is a …